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10,000 Shot Club Update

Summer Shot Challenge Update!

As of Wednesday, June 22nd, the challenge is 10% complete and if you’ve been making 87 shots a day you’ve made 1000 shots – way to go! Keep it up! If you have not started yet there are still 103 days left to complete 10,000 shots, that’s just 97 per day. Remember these are not made baskets just shots and must be completed on your own on time. Below is a pic of the exclusive 10,000 Shot t-shirt that will be awarded to all that complete this challenge!  

MBBA 10,000 Shot Club

Summer is here and MBBA would like to announce a challenge for players!  Between Saturday (6/11/22) and Tuesday (9/6/22) make 10,000 shots and become part of the exclusive 10,000 Shot Club.  The rules are simple; make 10,000 shots on your own that are parent verified and are NOT part of and organized event such as a clinic, AAU practice/game, 3v3 programs, etc. and you'll earn a t-shirt with the following logo.  That's only 87 shots per day!!!

6th Annual HS Boys Basketball Golf Tournament